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Texas Tide

Texas Tide
Arts, Entertainment, Business, Motivational Podcast

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Created by: wesley comal
Created on: 21 Jan 2016
Language: English

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Selected by: wesley comal [ stations ], Tue, 26 Jan 2021 18:48:40 UTC
Add this to another station System thinking Training (0.90MB; download) -- Systems Thinking Training Course Description Systems thinking training covers the theory, rational, tools, and techniques associated with systems thinking. Systems thinking training course concentrates on determining the interconnections between the various components of a system and manufacturing them into a coherent perspective of the whole. Systems thinking training course provides structures and tools, which help comprehending the relationship between the framework of a system and the behavior that the system presents. In particular, leaders can take advantage of systems thinking to thoroughly value, model, and resolve complicated business issues. #Why Do You Need Systems Thinking Training? Complexity is an unattached part of corporation life-style. Most problems that leaders deal with include multilayer contributing components, implications, and effects that employing one-dimensional solutions only generates a completely brand new series of difficulties. Therefore, learning the approaches and skill of Systems Thinking seems to be vital. #Training Objectives Upon the completion of systems thinking training, the attendees are able to: 1.Determine repeating patterns, or models, in systems — according to the behavior of the system over time 2.Plot the components in a system and the streams between those components 3.Determine causes and effects within a system 4.Involve stakeholders in cooperative action to impact the results of a system 5.Explain systems thinking 6.Improve their comprehending of complicated and changing organizational problems 7.Derive their abilities to model and examine business postulations, problems and decisions 8.Plot the cause-and-effect relationship of issues and decisions associated with them 9.Comprehend the principles of systems thinking and how it can be used to generate a new system through the suitable combination of people, process and tools 10.Think about problems and chances in a new and exciting way 11.Apply a number of systems tools and approaches to assess complicated situations and to address problems and opportunities #Course Outline Overview 1.Systems thinking definition 2.Why Systems Thinking is necessary? 3.The rational behind systems thinking 4.Untangling complexity 5.Map of methods 6.Systems challenges 7.Control engineering 8.Organization and management theory 9.The physical sciences 10.Why is the systems language so powerful? Learn more about Systems Thinking Training On Tonex https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/systems-thinking-training/
Selected by: wesley comal [ stations ], Sat, 31 Mar 2018 07:51:16 UTC
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Add this to another station Nu Galaxy Music - Sexy Music & Slow Blues Mixed w/ Hip Hop & R&B (2.46MB; download) -- #1 Independent Record Label. Entertainment Company. “Ain’t Nothing New Like Nu Galaxy”.Genre : Sexy Music Slow Blues Mixed w/ Hip Hop RB.Acquire what you truly desire. Emanating from the USA is Vee Boi Baby, a diversely passionate artist and song writer. http://www.nugalaxymusic.com/
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Selected by: wesley comal [ stations ], Tue, 15 Aug 2017 16:57:17 UTC
Add this to another station Will Roberts Weekly Telegram Radio Show 8-5-17 WRWT (12.76MB; download) -- Political Social Humor. By Political Social Humorist Will Roberts. is an internationally renowned Cowboy humorist speaker known for his high-energy and insightful content spiked with humor. He prides himself on bringing back the common sense and simplicity of America. Get my political and social humor in cartoon form! Iphone IPad App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/will-roberts-humorist/id584930240?mt=8
Selected by: wesley comal [ stations ], Thu, 10 Aug 2017 06:53:36 UTC
Add this to another station The Razor Sharp Show (0.79MB; download) -- ABOUT: Based on the seventh habit of highly effective people by Stephen Covey – Sharpen the Saw – the Razor Sharp Show is a podcast for business owners and creatives who want to ‘stay sharp’. It’s all about education, inspiration and motivation Visit http://razorsharpshow.com/
Selected by: wesley comal [ stations ], Mon, 17 Jul 2017 10:15:14 UTC
Add this to another station Raw Dog Secrets & Dreadlocks - Romance book by Vee Boi Baby (0.47MB; download) -- About Raw Dog Secrets & Dreadlocks 29 years old, Dreadlocks. Green eyes. Tall, dark, handsome Good looking, sought after and mysterious, Rylan Finn has everything a woman may desire. A gigolo with a flourishing career, he lives a life of luxury and admiration. Soon, he finds his life getting tangled with a rich family of four women. Hired by a beautiful older woman with a daughter who fancies herself in love with him, a daughter who is too practical for her own good and a stepdaughter who steals his heart, Rylan is in a situation to which he can see no clean end. Learn more about Vee Boi Baby Read & purchase on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071JDMSV
Selected by: wesley comal [ stations ], Sun, 02 Jul 2017 18:50:50 UTC
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Selected by: wesley comal [ stations ], Wed, 19 Oct 2016 05:23:59 UTC
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